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We at QCON manufacture a unique product i.e. cement concrete bricks of 230x100x75mm which is similar in size that of normally available Clay or Wirecut bricks. The product is not available generally in market and is very special. The small bricks are of very high finish and have very high compressive strength, making it an highly suitable building block. They are easier to handle and comes handy in architectural designing of structure. The bricks are available generally in gray colour. Customer has an option to choose any other colour variant to suit their specific needs. The finish of the bricks will be so elegant and neat, the plastering of walls can be conveniently avoided.

Benefits of use:

  • High compressive strength- Strong Walls, Saves on structure.
  • Zero/Low Water absorption – Long-lasting / durable.
  • Perfect Dimensions (+/- 1 mm)- Saves on inter brick mortar.
  • Helps in faster construction - Saves on time.
  • Superior quality and Long Life - Adds to building quality.
  • Zero Breakage - Least wear and tear – Saves on cost, ensures long life.
  • Neat finish – Straight edges and corners - Adds to building aesthetics.