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All you want to know before buying a concrete block for your building

The construction industry is one of the booming industries that drive the economic and financial engine of the country. An essential aspect of constructing a building or premises is the strength and durability of the structure. The excellent reliable, long-lasting quality is built through the right concrete block used in the construction. With the rising population and overall per capita growth in income of individuals, Solid blocks in Mysore have a massive demand in the construction industry in the coming years.


Why picking the right concrete block is crucial in construction?

Concrete blocks are building materials made from cement, sand, and aggregates. They are extensively used to create foundations, floors, and walls. The type of concrete blocks used during construction determines a building's resilience, longevity, and toughness. Hence, selecting the appropriate concrete block is essential.

Types of Concrete block

Concrete blocks have breakage issues if the quality is sacrificed. Manually made concrete blocks can break under high pressure, but with well-manufactured automated machinery, the concrete blocks can withstand pressures up to 110 kg. Solid blocks in Mysore at Qcon blocks ensure the quality of its blocks with cost efficacy in its product range.

Based on the structure, shape, size, and manufacturing process, Concrete blocks are divided into two types: solid blocks and hollow blocks.

  1. Solid Blocks

    Solid blocks are incredibly sturdy and give the constructions good stability. Thus, they are preferred for large masonry projects like load-bearing walls. Solid blocks in Mysore are available in varied sizes and shapes for customized construction projects.

    • Critical points to consider:

      Uniform stability in the quality of each block is critical for good strength in applications of the solid concrete block. For this process to function seamlessly, the molding of blocks is carried out in high compressions with Automation and digitalization. This is to maintain the consistency and durability of blocks.

    • Effectiveness of using the perfect solid concrete block:

      A high-compressive strength concrete block lasts longer due to low water absorption. This, in turn, becomes cost-efficient as the wear and tear of the block reduces. As a result, solid blocks in Mysore generate high-quality construction for commercial, industrial, or residential complexes.

  2. Hollow Blocks

    As the name suggests, hollow concrete blocks have void space that is more than 25% of the total area. Therefore, lightweight aggregates are used to create them. These are simple to install and lightweight blocks. Hence, most of the hollow blocks are used in internal partition walls, architectural design, and for rooftop heat protection.

    The characteristic of these blocks is that they have low maintenance, are durable, and are lightweight. This makes it cost-efficient as it reduces the construction cost because of its weight structure.

    • A critical part to examine:

      Water absorption is critical before considering getting a concrete block for construction. Poor water absorption will affect the quality of the bond strength. A 50-60% water absorption will have poor longevity of the structure. In simple words, the lower the water absorption, like 2%-4%, the better the durability feature of the concrete block.

    • Advantages of using the hollow concrete block:

      Concrete hollow blocks are sturdy and can bear a lot of loading since they are compressed by high pressure and vibration. Moreover, they are fire resistant and have a high degree of being saline. Adding to this, hollow concrete blocks are inexpensive and durable too.

Final Words

Selecting the right concrete block is simple work, but considering the important points like checking on the mechanical strength, porosity and density, thermal and insulation property, and impact resistance of the blocks is essential. Thus, choosing a standardized benchmark solid block in Mysore over a hand-made concrete block is wise for a building's durability.