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All our products are subject to stringent quality checks and meet highest standards with respect to quality and quantity. Our products surpass BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)* benchmarks in all parameters. Our products make an ideal construction unit as they have very high compressive strength, high density, low water absorption, higher crushing point etc. The products are manufactured and cured using internationally acclaimed state of the art automated machines and systems. Whereby each and every product is consistent in quality and quantity. The products have clear and neat edges with honey comb inner formations offering greater strength and aesthetics in maintaining plumb line of structure. [* for BIS standards and test methods refer visit our website]

Most of the concrete products available in the market are generally manufactured using basic or low technology machines of lower compressive strength; hence the edges of these products are usually not clear and neat. Besides these processes require huge labour force which adds to the cost of production. The manufacturing capacities are also very minimal. Thus to contain the production their profit margins. Thus the high labour, low production capacity, sub standard inputs of materials compromises on quality of the end products. The products would not be cured properly hence it makes the bricks give away very easily and adds cost burden to the customers who use such a low quality concrete products. They may look alike but fails miserably when quality issues are concerned..


It is quite common in unethical business practices to hoodwink the customers and take them for a ride. Even concrete products industry is no exception from this. The Die moulds are either deliberately made smaller in size or they ware out over a period of time, which result in shrinkage of size of blocks or products , then the products manufactured in these standards are branded and marketed to the clients who are little aware of these things. For example, the bricks in common parlance known as 8”, 6” and 4” should have the following size specification:

Description Length
8 INCH Block 400 200 200
6 INCH Block 400 150 200
4 INCH Block 400 100 200

In most of the cases, the products what you get in the market is smaller in dimensions when compared to the above chart. Even, few of the branded concrete blocks available in the market falls short of the above criteria, effectively deceiving the consumer. Thus the consumer ends up paying more for less and substandard product which also leads to cost escalation in construction. Besides this, the hydraulic compression is the key in achieving the Density of the product (Mass/Volume). Higher the density better is the product. To save cost many manufacturers set their compression strength lower, which saves them on material and operational costs, making the product weak. We at QCON, guarantee you that our products are of high density and meet the above size specifications, thus by justifying value for money to our customers.


We at QCON believe in transparency. Hence all our products are tax compliant and are properly invoiced as per regulations thus imparting peace of mind to our customers. We provide lab test reports of the products on demand for those who wish to procure our products. Thus we are legally answerable to customers both on quality and quantity issues. Many of the local players in the market offer their product at lower rates by not billing their products sold and thus making the customers to lose their consumer rights as quality issues gradually arises in such substandard products. The prices of the products in organised and unorganised sectors of concrete product industries are likely to level up in post implementation of GST (Goods and Services Tax) as quality alone will become the key for success and survival. Our products shall remain competitive with respect to quality, quantity and pricing thus proving advantageous to concrete product customers in general.


With right quantity and high quality of the products the consumers are bound to reap bundle of benefits including reduction in the cost of construction. QCON products offer you right quantity of products with clear edges, neat finishes and no breakages in the products. Our products save a lot on mortar. The inter block mortar requirement is very low when you use our concrete blocks. The product does not require any plastering and can be designed to use as such. However, if a customer chooses to plaster, then they can go for a very thin layer of plastering. Thus the savings on plastering is substantial when the cost of cement, sand and labour are high. Thus it is prudent and wise to buy QCON products to save on additional expenses which otherwise would have been incurred by procuring substandard and non conformity bricks.